About us

An evening with Curazón is a musical heart-meditation, an inspiring and moving experience for body and soul alike. Vocals and instrumentals merge into a harmonious whole, creating space for rest and renewal amidst the busyness of our time. Curazón interprets traditional and contemporary songs of healing, all celebrating the natural world, the gift of life and the healing power of love. Gently and powerfully at once, the musicians take the audience on a journey from indigenous medicine songs over contemporary influences to original compositions.

In addition to regular concerts, Curazón likes to involve the audience, inviting them to sing mantras, chants and simple songs from around the world to experience the healing power of the voice in their own bodies.

Percussionist Felix Graf und Sängerin Anna Hanson

Anna Hanson – vocals, guitar
Arne Michaelis – cello
Felix Graf – percussion
Yvonne Kretschmar – vocals, guitar